Juniors Magruder, Riddle, Willard, and Sophomore Braden Are Also Given Scholarships

Twelve Student Council Scholarships totaling $535 to apply on the January term bill were awarded yesterday at a special lunchtime meeting of the Council in Lowell House.

The stipends were voted upon recommendation of the Scholarship Committee which has been interviewing applicants this week. One Sophomore, three Juniors, and eight Seniors were the recipients.

The following were given scholarships: A. Ross Borden Jr. '39, of Cambridge, Coleridge A. Braithwaite '39, of Cambridge, Edgar L. Haff Jr., '39, of Fort Edward, New York, H. Rushton Harwood Jr. '39, of Springfield, John H. Howland '39, of Windsor, Vermont, Bernard Kalman '39, of Roxbury, Leonard E. Leboeuf '39, of Webster, Joseph S. Wysan '39, of Milford, William H. Magruder '40 of Bethesda, Maryland, Walter D. Riddle Jr. '40, of Edgeworth, Pennsylvania, Holland L. Willard '40, of Lawrence, and William A. Braden '41.