Student Council Investigation of Tenure Requested

Student Committee to Save Harvard Education to Petition Council Today

The Student Committee to save Harvard Education will hand a petition to the Student Council this morning, requesting that body to "investigate the recent terminations of appointment of ten assistant professors," it was announced last night.

The tenure issue will also rear its head at a Faculty meeting scheduled for 4 o'clock this afternoon. At that time the heated discussion of the Administration's tenure policies, adjourned last week, sill presumably be continued.

Ordinarily the whole Faculty meets only once in the fall, delegating the majority of its work to the Faculty Council

Asks Investigation

In its petition, the Student Committee asks for a council investigation "with a view to determining: one, the effect of the 'dismissal' on the quality of undergraduate teaching; and, two, the justification, or lack of justification, for them from an administrative standpoint.

After outlining their reasons for opposing the Administration's tenure policies, the petitioners say, "For all these reasons, and in view of the widespread uneasiness among students as to the wisdom of the Administrations's actions. we hope that the Student Council will conduct a thorough-going investigation and will propose remedial action on the part of the students should that appear necessary."

The document is signed by the nine members of the committee.