The Moviegoer

At Keith Memorial

A delightfully refreshing Cinderella in modern dress, a sophisticated melodrama, and an Information Please short combine to form a strange but highly entertaining bill. Cinderella is Deanna Durbin, of course, in "First Love." She sings as well as ever; she looks as delicious as ever, but above all she is less noisy than before, which is certainly an asset. The picture, original in its angle, frankly follows along the lines of the Cinderella story even to the lost slipper. Only the coach and six is transformed into the Commissioner's car and a large escort of motorcycle police.

The sophisticated melodrama is "Rio", elevated to its position as a far-better-than-usual second feature by the acting of Basil Rathbone; while the dresses that Sigrid Gurie wears might even bring the bald headed sugar daddies back to the front row. Gene Tunney is the star of the Information Please short.