Six Foot Two Junior Starts at Center As Finegan Shifts to Guard, Pairing With Buckley

Undaunted by its 41 to 28 defeat Tuesday night in the opener against Tech, the Varsity basketball team plays host to another tough team tonight when a veteran Northeastern quintet, three of whose men have been playing together for four years, meets the Crimson in the Indoor Athletic Building at 8:45 o'clock.

Peabody to Start

Coach Wes Fesler has made one change in the lineup since the M.I.T. game, adding Homer Peabody, six foot two center, to the list of starters in order to give some needed height to his midget team.

Bud Finegan, who started Tuesday night in the center post, will move to guard, replacing Joe Romano in the opening lineup.

Ed Buckley will start at the other guard while Bill Webber and Captain Charley Lutz will be in at the forward posts.

The Crimson quintet beat the Huskies last year, but the visitors will hold a decided advantage in experience this evening. Captain Bob Gurney at forward, Tom Gleason at center, and Bob Toucey at guard have been playing on the same team since they were Freshmen three years ago.

Northeastern Opener

The Yardlings will try to win their second straight game tonight when they meet the untried Husky Freshmen in a preliminary game at 7:30 o'clock. The Stahleymen repulsed the Tech first-year men Tuesday night, 35 to 31.

Scully and Fulton will probably start at the forwards with Ayer at center and Clarke and Royer at the guards.

The Varsity lineup: HARVARD  NORTHEASTERN Lutz, f.  f., Gurney Webber, f.  f., Pajonas Peabody, c.  c., Gleason Buckley, g.  g., L. Smith Finegan, g.  g., Toucey