Sophomore Office Seeker Pulverizes Political Enemies


Harvard's youthful aspirant to political laurels, Paul Kerins, formally "put the blast" on members of the Brookline School Committee and his rivals for election to a seat on that Committee at a political rally Monday night at Whitney Hall, Brookline.

Before a packed house of 500 listeners, Kerins mowed down his opponents by choice phrases quoted from Edmund Burke which received loud applause from citizens and many of Kerins' former high school classmates. In his three-minute speech, Kerins gave his rivals for election until February 8 to present their platforms or withdraw from the election, which takes place on March 7.

"I am aware that in contests for a public office," 21-year old Kerins thundered, "there are political opponents who seek to ride the surfboard of public indignation to the safe and secure shores of public office. Important issues are often obstructed and made obscure by this type of political barnacle."

Kerins disclosed last night that his brother, Charles, was going to draw cartoons lampooning members of the school committee, and that the drawings would be circulated Friday of next week. "We will not spare the Charley McCarthys of the school committee," he warned ominously.

He is not in the least afraid of incurring libel suits, for he claims to have consulted legal authorities on the matter. "Also, the school committee probably realizes that you should never sue a person for libel, for he's 'libel' to prove he's correct," punned Kerins.

He characterized the academic system of Brookline High as one in which "half the students are plowed under to make the other half grow better." He added that many Brookline High students get into Harvard "in spite of their preparation", not because of it.