Amory New Secretary; Wilson, Boston Top Slates; Album Committee Selected

Boston, Dillingham, Harwood, Jameson, Russell, and Tobin Attain Permanent Offices

In balloting held yesterday and Tuesday Cleveland Amory was elected Secretary of the Senior Class, heading a slate of seven elected to the Class Day Committee and six to the Permanent Class Committee.

Amory nosed out Robert M. Bunker by nine votes out of a total of 341 ballots cast for Secretary. Richard S. Benner received 90, and Charles A. Meyer 58.

Clarence E. Boston received a wide margin in election to the Permanent Class Committee, followed by James Tobin, Winthrop S. Jameson, Jr., Benjamin F. Dillingham, Henry E. Russell, and H. Rushton Harwood, Jr.

Clifford W. Wilson, Richard P. Hedblom, Oliver P. Bolton, Edmund L. Cherbonnier, Joseph A. Patrick, J. Spence Harvin, and Kenneth L. Booth will be in charge of Class Day activities.

Class Committee Results

Unsuccessful candidates for the Permanent Class Committee were headed by Robert E. Lane and Lawrence F. Ebb, with 117 ballots each. Following Lane and Ebb were Myron L. Cohen with 111; Francis F. Foley, 110; Robert T. Gannett 2nd, 110, Ulyssess J. Lupien, Jr., 110; Gordon S. Ierardi, 109; Arthur L. Johns, 107; Paul R. Wentworth, 107; Robert A. Sears, 102; Donald L. Daughters, 102; Harold M. Curtiss, Jr. Jr., 91; Richard R. Flood, 87; Thomas D. Duane, 84; Roswell Brayton, 82; Thomas L. Talbot, 70; Nicholas Mellen, 63; Joseph C. Donnelly, '41; and Charles D. Dyer, III '41.

Class Day Balloting

The runner-up in the vote for the Class Day Committee was Robert E. Strider, having 186. Others on the ballot were: Hughes Call, 163; John M. Johansen, 158; Bruce Foster, 149; William W. Austin, 136; Edward H. Schoyer, 102; Samuel L. M. Cole, 102; Philip H. Walker, 97; Hunter Hendee, 74; Frank Dunn, Jr. 73. Election Results Secretary Cleveland Amory  151 Robert M. Bunker  142 Richard S. Benner  90 Charles A. Meyer  58 Class Day Committee Clifford W. Wilson  332 Richard P. Hedblom  250 Oliver P. Bolton  248 Edmund L. Cherbonnier  248 Joseph A. Patrick  240 J. Spence Harvin  226 Kenneth L. Booth  224 Robert E. Strider  186 Hughes Call  163 Permanent Class Committee Clarence E. Boston  219 James Tobin  168 Winthrop S. Jameson, Jr.  138 Benjamin F. Dillingham  123 Henry E. Russell  121 H. Rushton Harwood, Jr.  120 Robert E. Lane  117 Lawrence F. Ebb  117 Junior Album Committee Phil C. Neal  162 Vinton Freedley, Jr.  144 William H. Daughaday  140 John L. Donnell  130 Tudor Gardiner  129 Arthur L. Hadden  127 Donald M. Thurber  118