The Moviegoer


Anyone who sees "Professor Mamlock" at the Fine Arts Theatre, and no one should miss it, will realize that Art with a capital A has created this picture. Its photography is scusitive and interprets as well as records. The actors are particularly convincing in their parts and benefit from the absence of love glorified in the Hollywood manner. Most important of all, if has that rare quality of pace which makes detail a powerful ally of action.

Although the story concerns the persecution of Jewish Dr. Mamlock, it is pointed at a greater purpose than racial equality. Behind almost every incident lies calculated Communist propaganda. Dr. Mamlock's removal from his clinic and his brutal treatment are minor themes which bind together a bitter denunciation of Nazi methods. Definitely meant for foreign consumption and as a guide to Communist technique, the picture is aimed to destroy the theory that Communists set the Reichstag fire and opposed the welfare of Germany. The moviegoer should note these pointed thrusts of propaganda, but pay greater attention to the artistic merits of the picture which places it among the best foreign importations of the year.