27 Delegates Will Represent Crimson at H-Y-P Conference

The final list of Harvard undergraduates participating in the H-Y-P Conference has been decided upon and the men going to Princeton are as follows: Blair Clark '40, Garfield Horn '40, Charles N. Pollak H. '40, Alfred J. Gilbert '41, Spencer Klaw '41, Rodman Gilder '40, William W. Tyng '41, F. Cameron Ludwig '42, Michael P. Grace '40, Robert Bean '39, Francis Bourne '40, Arthur Cantor '40, David Epstein '39, Arthur Gardiner '39, Armand Gilinsky '40, Stanley Kapner '40, Richard S. Lane '41, Irving Lewis '39, Treadwell Ruml '39, James Stern '39, Michael Mayer '39, Richard Ruggles '39, F. Wolch Peel '39, Richard Gilder '36, Tatsuo Miyakawa '40, Kenneth Kramer '39, and George Jacobs '40.

Those men who have not found means of transportation to Princeton are asked to report to C. N. Pollak II at the CRIMSON Building this afternoon at 4 o'clock.