At the University

With "Four Feathers," Hollywood offers to what has now become a somewhat suspecting public another example of victorious British imperialism. Mr. Mason's story of a coward seeking to regain his self-respect while England is avenging the murder of General Gordon no longer proves to be very exciting, or even interesting, fare. Whether it is the slow-paced direction or the European war that detracts from the glory of the Sudan campaign and Omdurman is hard to tell. It is probably a combination of both, with the former chiefly at fault. Although the photography is excellent, too great an emphasis on it makes the action interminably slow. At times the audience is treated to something like a travelogue of the Nile region in the midst of an adventure story. The very half-hearted attempts to make the film a character study also help in hindering the force of the story. One redeeming feature, however, is the acting. Ralph Richardson and C. Aubrey Smith both turn in splendid performances. But their efforts, though valiant, fail to stifle at the University this weekend.

The second feature on the bill, "It Could Happen to You," is a pleasant little comedy for those who are in the mood.