The Moviegoer

At the University

Even the title, "Bachelor Mother," sounds good,--almost too good for the Hays Office. But it's really a false alarm. Ginger Rogers insists she found the baby and that makes it all right. The ensuing complications, involving a department store, a jitterbug contest, and David Niven, all add up to delightful fare, even for the most heavily armor-plated movie-goer. David Niven has climbed another rung towards a well-deserved stardom. Miss Rogers does a fine job, even though the shadows of Fred Astaire and such triumphs as "Top Hat" and "The Castles" still lurk wistfully in the background. Director Kanin, newcomer on the movie lots, has given the whole picture a refreshing sense of everyday people in an everyday world,--a sense which too many pictures lack and which makes too many well-constructed plots hollow. It would seem that Hollywood is hard up for plots when they have to resort to such dubious subjects as babies. But from the looks of "Bachelor Mother," may they find bigger and better babies and shoot bigger and better pictures about them!

"Ex-Champ" is about an ex-champ who has nothing left but his memories. It is very sad and it has a happy ending. Don't let this scare you, because you can sit through it without squirming.