Gordon Lyle Wins Red Jersey; Passes Click

With the Dartmouth game in the offing and the vision of the first major victory of the year hovering over the practice field, Coach Dick Harlow, in open defiance of the injury bogey, pitted his "A" and "B" squads against each other for a driving 30 minute scrimmage yesterday afternoon on Soldiers Field.

Second string guard, Don Lowry, was the only casualty as the "A" squad, which was on the offense throughout the afternoon, passed and ran its way to four touchdowns. Charlie Spreyer tallied twice on runs of 6 and 17 yards and Mort Waldstein accounted for the two other markers both on short line bucks. Lowry's injury was only a minor bump and he should be ready to go again within a few days.

Lyle Gets Red Jersey

Dick Harlow was especially pleased with the work of Gordie Lyle, third string wingback, who after the scrimmage became the thirty second addition to the ranks of the red-jerseyed elite. Lyle showed much promise on last year's Yardling team before he was forced out with a serious back injury early in the season. A broken leg kept him out of most of spring practice and as a result he was slow in breaking into the lineup this fall. His chief asset in the backfield is speed.

Pete Elser, Loren MacKinney, Don McNicol, Fran Lee, Sheldon Dietz and Captain Gardella were kept out of yesterday's contact work as a result of minor bruises received in the Army game Saturday.

The Crimson passing attack was clicking for considerable yardage throughout the scrimmage. In the absence of McNicol and Lee, Spreyer and Gordon made up the successful serial combine. Dick Pfister drew commendation from Harlow for his work at right guard.