Lowell, Already Hit by Graduation Is Now Riddled With Injuries

Scoring its first win of the season, the Dunster eleven trounced the bruised Bellboys, 13 to 0, in the only House conflict yesterday.

The Funsters pulled out the steps early in the second quarter, marching 30 yards for the first score, Sid Dwerken made the tally on a 9-yard plunge Lowell threatened to tie things up in the third period, when they forced Dunster back to their 15 yard line, but lost the ball on downs.

The Dunster eleven shortly after clinched the lead by a beautiful piece of razzle-dazzle. Snatching a misdirected Lowell pass, Bill McGinniss ran ten yards, and lateralled to Sol Levine before going down. After a short gain Levine passed to Sid Dwerkin, who gallopped the remaining 30 yards to score.

The Bellboys have had hard luck this season. They lost nine out of their last year's eleven by graduation, and of the 17 who orginally appeared for House football this year, five of the best men are now out with injuries.

Dean Morse has an injured neck; Trajillo-Bravo is on crutches with a badly sprained ankle; Bob Axtell smashed his nose; and two others have minor injuries. At present Link Clark, Bill Murphy, and Elmer Taylor are the mainstays of the skeleton team.