At Keith Memorial

There was a time, not so many hundreds of years ago, when California was overrun by Spaniards who lived, laughed, fought and loved in true Latin tradition. Caballeros and peons were happy under the sway of a good alcande, but completely miserable when he was replaced by the gold-greedy Alcande Quintero. And so young Diego came over the seas from Spain's West Point to rescue his people and restore to them his father's benign rule.

Diego found the best procedure was to lead a double life. To the public he became a fine-mannered fop, but in the still of the night he was Zorro, the marauding Robin Hood of the New World, threatening the wicked regime of Quintero and undoing the dirt it did. After numerous narrow escapes, he succeeded in his personal crusade, winning at the same time the Alcante's innocent niece. Tyrone Power is the gay young caballero and he gives the part all he has. But much more convincing is the corpulent Padre, Eugene Pallette, who feels righteous in clouting half an army over the head, so long as he says fervently with each blow, "God bless me." Linda Darnell is impressive by her beauty, if not her acting.