This Saturday the Harvard sport fan has a tough choice to make. Hal Ulen's team has its crucial meet, with Princeton, and at the same hour Harvard clashes with Yale in a traditional hockey game. You pay your money and you take your choice, but you can't see them both. The H. A. A. planned it that way. Other colleges, Dartmouth for example, have put some schedule wizards on the job, who have been able to prevent conflicts of this sort. No doubt there is greater emphasis on athletics at Hanover than here, but still the H. A. A. should not let conflicts be a potential injury to college attendance and interest in such important games as these.

The H. A. A. must have worried about this a lot too. Recently they announced that the time of the swimming meet had been changed, in order to avoid the conflict. But quickly they discovered that the conflict had been written into their official calendar, which is sent to thousands of alumni and students. This was enought to make the H. A. A. backtrack in a hurry. Appalled by the prospect of alumni disappointed at finding nary a ripple left in the indoor pool, they have again changed the time, and pushed the swimming meet back on top of the hockey game. But still it's not too late to straighten things out. The majority of those who intend to come, the great block of undergraduate sports followers and outsiders really interested in the teams, can be reached through adequate publicity, and given a chance to see both of these events. It is reassuring to know that the H. A. A. is planning to avoid these mixups next year, but the time to start is right now.