600 Expected to Attend Dinner for "The Colonel" at Memorial Hall This Evening

More than 600 public officials and friends of "the Colonel" are expected to pay tribute to Charles R. Apted at a testimonial dinner in Memorial Hall tonight.

The veteran head of Harvard care takers and Yard Police will be the toast of several speeches by such dignitaries as ex-Governor Charles F. Hurley, Attorney-General Dever, Dean Hanford, and Dean Laudis.

Entertainment to Be Provided

Under the guidance of numerous volunteer committees of friends and subordinates, a program of entertainment and talks has been arranged for tonight's banquet. Tickets are $2.50, and students are invited.

The Glee Club and student entertainers are scheduled to appear, along with outside talent, a professional orchestra, and a section of the Harvard Baud. Raymond FitzGerald '18 will be the toastmaster.