Unless drastic steps are taken, a plague of rabbits will soon descend upon the University.

It all began three weeks age when Benjamin A. "Bunny" Barnes '41 received 21 of his namesakes to celebrate his coming of age. The rabbits carefully, selected for their starting color schemes, were released in his bathroom in Winthrop House by an unknown practical jokester.

The great problem has been in their disposal. The House magician, the Janitor, the electrician, and one of the waitresses received their share, and a number of rabbits were smuggled into the rooms of other students. But several still remain in Barnes's room, contentedly munching away at the curtains and clean laundry.

What particularly troubles him, however, is the suspicion that one of the rabbits is with rabbit. "It's just a matter of time," he said. "I hope we can get them out of here before they drive us out."