Present H.A.A. News Head and Director Of Publicity Becomes Assistant to Bingham

The Committee on the Regulation of Athletic Sports yesterday announced the appointment of Thomas W. Stephenson '37 present Director of Publicity and Editor of the H.A.A. News, to succeed F. Stanton Deland, Jr. 3L as Assistant to the Director of Athletics.

Stephenson will retain his publicity Office position, and this move simply makes him the supervisor of all team managers and adviser to William J. Bingham 16, H.A.A. head.

Deland Serves Four Years

Deland's departure will conclude four years of service as Assistant to the Athletic Director, during which time he has been enrolled in one of the graduate schools. This spring he is completing his Law School course.

This will be Stephenson's first complete year at the Publicity Office helm and the additional appointment places him in the role of liaison official between the undergraduates (and the Undergraduate Athletic Council) and Bill Bingham.