Request of Yardling Brings Chance For Freshmen to Measure General Knowledge

In a response to a special request by the Yardling, arrangements have been made for all Freshman interested to take the Graduate Record Examinations which the Carnegic Foundation is offering to Seniors.

These examinations, which are of the objective, short-answer variety, are designed to give Seniors a comprehensive measure of their knowledge in comparison with that of their classmates. The editors of the Yardling felt that it would also be of value to Freshmen.

Exams in Two Sessions

The Carnegic Foundation has agreed to open the tests to Freshman without charge as an experiment. The examinations will be held in two sessions of three and a half hours each, and each session will meet at several times.

Freshmen may register by signing on blanks now being circulated in the Union. At registration they must indicate at which time they will attend. Each student will receive an individual report of his score.

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