Plans for an inter-departmental graduate project to be based upon the study of every phase of a model community are being formulated by Martin Wagner, assistant professor of Regional Planning.

Centering upon original research work of the 100-odd students in the School of Design, the project will concern the various aspects of an ultra-modern town development known as a "string-town," so called because it would be constructed in an elongated fashion along an interurban superhighway.

Professor Wagner, formerly Superintendent of the Building Department in Berlin and, after the advent of Hitler to power, housing adviser to Kemal Ataturk, has submitted his plans to Joseph F. Hudnut '09, Dean of the School of Design.

Other Departments Participate

If the project is adopted for his own department, Professor Wagner will invite members of other departments to join in the study, thus providing a many-faceted exhibit of an ideal community once the research is completed.

"We have at Harvard perhaps the biggest brain-trust in the country," Professor Wagner declared, "so why not use it for a large project which would enable the various departments to profit from an interchange of ideas?"

With official approval secured, faculty and student members of the departments of Government, Economics, Engineering, Sciences, Law, Public Health, Education, and Sociology--to name a few--would participate in outlining as many aspects as possible of the community's problems.