Perry Urges 'Limited Belligerency' for U.S.

Philosophy Professor Gives 5-Point Program in Letter to Boston Herald

In a clear-cut letter to the Boston Herald yesterday, Ralph Barton Perry, Edgar Pierce Professor of Philosophy, outlined a comprehensive 5-point program for the United States for giving aid to the Allies.

Because the defeat of Hitler is university desired, Professor Perry declared, "I believe that we should openly declare our pro-ally partisanship and cease to quibble about neutrality."

"Our next step," he wrote, "is to give to the Allies all economic aid within our power. This can be acomplished by extending our resources, credit, and even money to them. In acordance with the principles of modern warfare, we should bend our efforts toward the construction of a gigantie air force and the training of volunteer pilots. Our sending of this armada would only put us in a state of "limited belligerency.

"Only by such a sacrificial participation in the war shall we have either the power or the right to participate in the peace," he asserted.