In a letter to the Crimson, the Rt. Rev. William Lawrence '71 takes exception to our recent editorial, "Blessed Are The Peacemakers." Following an address by Bishop Lawrence, the Crimson there suggested that "Before his innings are over, America--and Harvard--will be making the world safe for democracy."

Bishop Lawrence states in his letter that this editorial was "based on an unverified report of a newspaper which taking a few lines out of their context in an address was entirely misleading. Hence your editorial was misleading. It never occurred to me to think or say that this country should enter the war."

The Crimson has read the address in its entirety. To us it still seems that the implications of the first portion of the sermon are interventionist. However, the Crimson is happy to find that it is in error, that Bishop Lawrence never intended to be so understood. It is our fervent hope that others in the Harvard community will be wise enough to follow the Bishop's lead, and neither "think or say that this country should enter the war."