10 Naval Science Men Will Cruise on Pacific

For the first time since it was founded, the Naval R.O.T.C. unit is sending a group of ten Freshmen and Sophomores to the west coast to cruise with the regular Navy during the summer.

The remaining members of the unit will take the usual east coast cruise, leaving New York soon after exams are over and going as far north as Portland, Maine and then down to Charleston. South Carolins. The U. S. S. Wyoming, which is to accommodate the Freshmen and Sophomores making the trip, because of the war in Europe will not leave United States waters in the Carribbean as in former years.

The ten men selected for the west coast cruise will board the U. S. S. Maryland at San Francisco and proceed immediately to Honolulu, where the regular fleet is holding maneurres this summer. The men have been chosen from a list of applicants and will join Naval Science men from other colleges.