Twelve Men Appointed to University Faculty

Appointments as Teaching Fellows, Instructors Are Effective in Fall

Twelve appointments to the teaching and research staff, effective next September, were announced by the University yesterday, as follows:

Clarence P. Lee, now teaching at Southwestern University, Memphis, Tenn., as Teaching Fellow in English, B.A. Oxford '35; Willard C. Lacy, of Urbana, III., as Austin Teaching Fellow in Geology, A.M. Illinois '40; Orman P. Brown, of Brookline, as Teaching Fellow in Geology, A.M. Wyoming '39;

George E. Moore Jr., of Lebanon, Mo., as Austin Teaching Fellow in Geology, A.M. Missouri '38; Charles Meyer, of St. Louis, Mo., as Teaching Fellow in Economic Geology, M.S. Washington University '39; John S. Jenner, of Madison, Wis., as Teaching Fellow in Geography, candidate for M.S. Washington University '40.

Instructors Named

George E. Valley Jr., of Flushing, L. I. N. Y., as Research Fellow in Physics, Ph. D. University of Rochester '39; Leo L. Beranek, of Cambridge, as Instructor in Physics and Communica- tion Engineering, candidate for S.D. here '40; Aubrey B. Miller, of Passaic, N. J., as Assistant in Mechanical Engineering, candidate for M.E. Stevens Institute of Technology '40.

Matthew D. R. Riddell, Urbana, III., as Assistant in Sanitary Engineering, candidate for S.B. Harvard '40; John F. Callahan, now Instructor in the Classics and in Philosophy at Loyola University, Chicago, as Visiting Instructor in Greek and Latin, and Tutor; and William W. Minton '39, of Middletown, O., as Teaching Fellow in the Classics, and Tutor