Ski Column

The Belknap Mts. Four-Event Ski Tournament sanctioned by the U. S. Eastern Ski Assn, will be held on Saturday and Sunday, Jan. 18 and 19, on the trails and slopes all in the Belknap Mts. Recreation Area. Teams from nearly all the New England colleges and ski clubs will participate in these four events. On Saturday the Cross country Race will be started at 2:30 o'clock, the Downhill Race on Sunday at 9 o'clock on the Tryme Trail. The Slalom will also be held on the Tryme Trail at 10:30 o'clock Sunday. In the afternoon at 2 o'clock the final event, jumping on the 20-meter hill will take place. Entries are coming in from Yale, University of N. H., Dartmouth Outing Club, M. I. T., Chisholm Ski Club, and the Black & Blue Trail Smashers of Lowell. Wendall "Chummy" Broomhall of the Chisholm Ski Club, has already entered the contest and was the winner of the Harry Wade Hicks Cross-country Ski Trophy last year. His brother, Charles Broomhall, and Aurell Legrer also of the Chisholm Ski Club have sent in their entries. Officials of the Winniposaukee Ski Club sponsoring this event announced today that five prizes will be awarded to the best combined scores on all four events.

Ski conditions in this popular winter sports area have been ideal for the past two weeks and on Sundays the large parking area near the new Recreation Building which was opened within the month has been filled to capacity. The Skiers' Lounge in the basement of this $100,000 building with its modern restaurant, is a popular place to get warm after using any of the nine trails and slopes.