$3,250 in Scholarships Awarded Law Students

Law School scholarships totalling $3,250 have been awarded to eight upperclass students for the present academic year, the University-announced today. The awards and the recipients are as follows:

Charles Stuart Bowen scholarship to Mandal R. Segal 3L, of Worcester, Mass.; Lewis Larned Coburn scholarships to Bruce A. Hecker 3L, of Hoboken, N. J., and Jack R. Pearce 2L, of Terro Hauie, Ind.; Samuel Phillips Prescott Fay scholarship to Joseph P. Morray 2L, of Chicago, Ill.; Harvard Law Review scholarship to Irving J. Helman 3L, of Brookline, Mass.; Albert Martio Kales scholarship to Dudley B. Tanney 3L, of Washington, D.C.; Law School (1926) scholarship to William P. Reiss 2L, of Newark, N. J.; Endicott Peabody Saltonstall scholarship to John R. Taylor 3L, of Chicago, Ill.