Radio Forum Discusses Civil Liberty in War

This week's Round Table Forum over the Crimson Network was held last night with four speakers: David Eichler 2G, Roger Fisher '43, Eli Goldston, and Frederick Boyden '45, debating as to whether or not war would deprive us of our civil liberties.

Eichler, representing the Harvard Committee against Military Intervention, maintained that our entry into the war would mean curtailment of these liberties and that chances did not favor getting them back, especially considering the tendencies of those now in power in Washington. Fisher, a member of the Harvard Liberal Union, pointed out that the four basic freedoms had not suffered either here after the war or in England at present.

Surveying the economic prospects, Goldston predicted as an aftermath to war expansion a revolutionary dictatorship by the workers, a coup by the ruling classes, or a continuation of expansion through imperialism with limited freedom. Boyden claimed that, although civil liberties might be curtailed by the war a victory by the fascist powers would destroy them completely.