University Aids New Mexican Observatory

Astronomers of the Harvard Observatory are cooperating closely with Mexican astronomers in planning the program and equipment of Mexico's new National Observatory, now nearing completion at Tonanzintla, 80 miles east of Mexico City, stated Professor Bart J. Bok of the Harvard Observatory yesterday, in an article in "Sky and Telescope." Professor Bok has returned after two months as major American consultant at the new Mexican observatory.

Although its dedication ceremonies, to be attended by many American scientists, are planned for February, much of the observatory's equipment is already in operation. The mounting for a 24-30. inch Schmidt camera, which will be the most powerful telescope in the tropics, is now under construction at Cambridge.

"The observatory is significant in many ways," writes Professor Bok. "It represents first of all an important addition to the list of American observatories. . . In Mexico it stands as a symbol of the new Mexico. . . and for us in the United States it stands in a way as a symbol of Pan-Americanism. . ."