Cross Country Team Wins Triangle Meet


Coach Jaakko Mikkola pulled one of the best hat tricks of his career this weekend when he saw his lowly underdog Varsity cross country team upset both Yale and Princeton in the annual Triangular affair at Princeton Friday. Harvard beat the Tigers 27 to 32 and the Blue 26 to 37.

In pre-race dope, Yale was supposed to run away with the meet by capturing the first three places, while the Tigers, who beat the Crimson last year, were counted on to repeat last year's performance.

The Crimson team, although admittedly outshone as to individual stars, concentrated on its balance, and by bunching men across the finish line forced the rest of the Yale and Princeton runners to place very low down in the list.

Schwartzkopf Hurt

Yale's number one star and favorite to win the race, Roy Schwartzkopf, was the victim of some bad luck during the race when he hurt his ankle and kept falling behind until he finished eleventh. But even though he had come in first, the Crimson would have still won, so well were the runners grouped.

With the start of the race, the entire ten-man Crimson team jumped into the lead. By the halfway mark, it had nine of the first 16 places, which is the way it finished.

Although not even considered to be in the race before the opening gun, Coach Mikkola's harriers displayed remarkable team strength by taking fourth, sixth, seventh, ninth, and twelfth to sixteenth over the muddy five mile course around Lake Carnegie. The Yardlings beat the Blue Yearlings but lost to Princeton in the shorter Freshman affair.

The Varsity summary:

Bill Bird, Yale, 28:19; 2, Jerry Castle, Yale, 28:26; 3, Bud Rehm, Princeton, 28:35; 4, Bill Palson, Harvard, 28:55; 5, Rolf Kip, Princeton, 29:02; 6, Bob Houghton, Harvard, 29:08; 7, Tim Coggeshall, Harvard, 29:12; 8, Frank Carolan, Princeton, 29:16; 9, Fred Phinney, Harvard, 29:17; 10, Ed Bragdon, Princeton, 29:22; 11, Roy Schwartzkopf, Yale, 29:47; 12, Tom McElligott, Harvard, 30:16; 13, John Sopka, Harvard, 30:24; 14, Joe Scott, Harvard, 30:40; 15, Bob Jay, Harvard, 80:41; 16, Don McCaul, Harvard, 30:42; 17, Chuck Cleavey, Yale, 30:43; 18, Bob Osborn, Princeton, 31:08; 19, Bill Gardner, Yale, 31:16; 20, Ed Essertier, Princeton, 31:18; 21, Kay Rogers, Harvard, 31:31; 22, Walter Mann, Yale, 31:33; 23, Tom Whitin, Princeton, 32:40; 25, Joe Quay, Princeton, 32:48.