Unbeaten Tankers Favored To Sink Tigers Tomorrow

Harvard's undefeated swimming squad comes to grips with its climax opponent of the year, the Princeton Tiger, in slippery old Brokaw Pool tomorrow afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. The Tigers, with an accent on their Captain Ned Parke, have been an in-and-out team this year, and Harvard does not quite know what to expect tomorrow.

Captain Frannie Powers will got' his last two cracks at famed Ned Parke in the 220 and 100. Powers has never beaten Parke but this time the cards are stacked a bit in favor of the Crimson leader. Parke, presumably, has not yet regained his 1940 form, while Powers has been cracking off a series of spectacular 220s and 100s; and he has not yet been wide open in the 220. Bus Curwen will also be gunning for the Nassau captain, and Lonnie Stowell will swim with Powers in the century.

Stronger Medley

Hal Ulen will probably toss in a stronger medley than he did against Dartmouth because a Harvard win in this event tomorrow is not impossible. A trio composed of Bill Drucker, Bob White, and Art Bosworth might nip the Tigers and give the Ulenmen a strangle hold on the meet.

Princeton's Connie Doran will take the dive, and Art McClure will be very hard to beat in the breaststroke; Bob White of the Crimson will probably be hard pressed to take a second from Stu Pach. Dorsal aces Bosworth and Drucker rate the edge over Scotty Scammel, but this will be another good race.

Even with Ned Parke at his best Harvard is a very slight favorite and should win in the final relay. The Ulenmen may even win by the 440.