Long Tradition Broken As Rumor Is Made Official

Departing from tradition which has made it customary for all Harvard-Yale crew races to take place on the third Friday in June, the Harvard Athletic Association announced last night that this year's race will be held at New London on Saturday, June 14, instead of Friday, June 20.

The change was made because all Naval Science men must leave on a compulsory summer cruise which starts on June 14, and the members of the craw affected by the cruise have succeeded in receiving a deferment of only four days. Among those on the crew who will be in the cruise are: A. Theodore Lyman '42, number six on last year's Combination crew, Colton P. Wagner '41, stroke on last year's Junior Varsity, and Robert L. Fowler '41, number four on last year's Varsity.

At the same time, officials announced that the Freshman race will start at 9:30 o'clock on the upper two miles of the course, while the Varsity race will begin at 6 o'clock in the afternoon on on the downstream from Bartletts Cove to the railroad bridge.