Yardlings Nominated For NYA Conference

Millen Leads Group to Washington; Financed by Contributions at Union

Nominating twelve candidates to represent them in the NYA conference at Washington Friday and Saturday, the Freshman class jumped into the national political arena yesterday.

The expenses of the group will be paid for out of contributions now being collected in the Union and it will not be sponsored by any group. Thomas Hall '44 and Michael Millen '44 have been the prime movers in organizing the group and Millen will lead the delegation to the capital.

Those nominated, of whom as many will be sent as can be financed include: Roy Atherton, David Bodansky, Robert Byrnes, Stanley Goldberg, Joseph Grandine, Thomas Hall, William Kyod, Gene Nellhaus, Louis Pollak, Robert Solow, William Suckle, and Charles Young.