At the New England Repertory

Off the beaten Playgoer's path on Joy Street near the Charles Street Subway the New England Rep. is settling down in its new home, the entirely remodeled Barn Theatre. Making best possible use of a small playhouse and limited technical effects, the Repertory players are providing Boston with a steady fare of good productions.

Last night they present a thrilling mystery, "The Man in Half-Moon Street" by the Englishman, Barre Lyndon. A scientist finds the way to immortality by transferal of glands. To carry on his experiments he is forced to rob and kill. In addition he falls in love only to find that immortality denies him the love of a mortal woman. During the action of the play he is planning a another robbery-murder to get the necessary glands. Considerable suspense is built up with Scotland Yard and a few minor crooks floating around. The lead is especially well acted by Edwin Pettet, founder-director of the company, who does a perfect job all the way through. He is well supported by a number of excellent character actors, and the entire show is well handled.