Team Tempered After Yale And Pentagonal Victories

Led by Captain Amos Murphy, nine of Coach Rene Peroy's top-notch fencers will journey to Princeton, New Jersey today, where they will compete against ten other colleges in the Eastern Intercollegiates to be held March 28 and 29.

Crimson prospects look pretty good on the basis of the season's record and particularly on the basis of the performances which the fencers handed in at the Pentagonals and against Yale. In fact, every team represented in the Intercollegiates that the fencers have met they have also beaten.

White hope for the swordsmen in the foil event will be Art Jaros, who starred against Yale and who has done extremely well throughout the entire year. In addition, Ben Johnson, who won 11 of his 12 bouts and who took the individual foil title at the Pentagonals, and Joe Koch are expected to do very creditably.

The second competition, the epee, will see the Crimson paced by Captain Amos Murphy. Lynn Brua, it is rumored, has already made a reputation for himself among the other teams as a "killer," having severely wounded his opponent in the epee event against Yale.

Having taken individual honors at the Pentagonals and having won all his bouts against Yale, Tom Wright is a heavy favorite to star once again in the third and last competition, the sabre. Supporting him will be Bob Batt and Win Alberts, both of whom have more than satisfied Coach Percy during the year.

Navy and N. Y. U. have alternated with each other in winning the Intercollegiates for the past few years. Crimson morale is high, however, and if the team can beat the fencers from New York and vicinity, who at present are the big question marks, it has a good chance not only to win the championship but to take most of the individual titles.