Preparing to battle for their experiment of a civilian-run C.C.C. camp, 1500 Harvard and Dartmouth students listened to Dorothy Thompson's attack on the management of the federal-organized camps at Hanover, Monday night.

The most important result of the meeting was the organization of a committee to plan a definite course of action to save the camp. Headed by Bill Lowry of Dartmouth, this includes three Harvard students, Newbold R. Landon '42, John A. Ordway '42, and Homer C. Wick, Jr. '42, together with two other Dartmouth students, and one man from the camp.

"Nearly everything is wrong with the C.C.C.," stated Miss Thompson in her speech. "Every private instinct and private enterprise has been stified.....It was and remains a vast charitable enterprise."

To remedy the situation, she urged that the camp be returned to its experimental state. "Thus," she said, "the old American ideas of self-government and town-meeting planning will be realized, even in so vast a structure."