Yale Grapplers Will Give Visiting Squad Close Battle

With Tom Lacey back in the 175-pound berth, the grapplers face Yale at New Haven this afternoon in what should prove a very tight battle, while the Yardlings take on the undefeated '44 Blues, also at Yale.

The 128, 136, 145, and 165-pound clashes will be the closest, and the outcome of these will decide the meet. Jim Redmon, in the 128-pound group, and Dick Thomas, in the 145, will probably put up the most sensational fights, as both have lost only one match this season, and both face strong Yale opposition.

Schoenberg As Light-weight

Captain Ted Schoenberg will wrestle again in the light-weight spot, and should have little trouble in garnering five points. The outcome of Lacey's scrap is less certain, but the odds are for the Crimson.

The competition will be tougher in the 155-pound and heavy-weight classes, as the Elis in these weights are both undefeated.

It looks as if Ed Guild's Freshmen the Bull-pups, but the boys have pulled outfit will have their hands full against surprises before, and there's no reason why they can't pull another.