To the Editor of the Crimson:

There are other groups at Harvard besides athletic teams that come up against the problem of racial discrimination in their activities. It seems to me that such groups should determine now in a democratic way what their policy in this matter will be, so as to avoid in the future any such incident as occurred at Annapolis last week.

The Glee Club faced such a problem this year and will again next year. Because no policy was determined in advance, the Glee Club was put in a position that seemed to make necessary the discrimination against one of its most loyal members. The Glee Club went into the South on its Spring trip and a Negro in the Club could not go. Earlier in the year he had not been included in several concerts that the Glee Club gave at women's colleges. It is to be hoped that the Glee Club at its annual membership meeting will determine a policy that will insure the just consideration of each of its members. It should be decided that no concert be contracted in which any member of the Club can not participate because of circumstances arising from racial discrimination.

There are other organizations which may face a similar situation in the future. They also should decide, what their policy will be in those circumstances so as to avoid a situation in which any member of an organization would be excluded from its activities because of race or creed. John W. Darr, Jr. '41,   Chairman of the Harvard Council for Democracy in Education.