Junior Varsity Eight is Still Unsettled in Recent Practice

Curwen to Replace Stroke Jack Wilson

For the time being at least, the question of the make-up of the crews rowing from Newell Boathouse has shifted from the Varsity to the Jayvees. For over a week now the personnel of Tom Bolles' first boat has remained unaltered, but the entire make-up of the second eight has undergone sweeping changes since Saturday's time trial.

In the first three time trials between the second and third heavy eights, the score stood at one victory for the thirds, one for the seconds, and a finish so close that it was deemed a dead heat by the coaching staff.

Curwen Moves to Jayvee Stroke

In an effort to improve one of these two evenly-matched boats at the expense of the other, Bolles evolved a complicated shift which brought Sophomores Bus Curwen, Gerry Prince and Junior Reggie Filz up to the seconds from the so-called third boat, while Bill Homans, Bull Reece, and John Erakine went down a peg to make room for them. Such shifts so not tell the main story, however, for last year's Varsity stroke, Jack Wilson, has relinquished his stern heat and moved to two in order to make room for Curwen, who is now setting the pace for the Jayvees.

seven; and Curwen, stroke.

Wilson is Henley Veteran

Jack Wilson's plight is a strange one. Stepping into Bill Rowe's stretchers the day after the Crimson vanquished Yale at New London in 1939, Wilson acclimated himself to the strange boat and successfully stroked the crew to victory at Henley two weeks later. Last year the beat out Colt Wagner and stroked the Varsity through a successful season, losing only 40 Cornell.

Colt Wagner rose to the first boat during the spring vacation and Wolson went to the seconds, as Bolles sought to find the formula for a faster first crew. Now Bus Curwen, pace-setter of the undefeated Freshmen last year, has moved up to the Jayvees, at least for the time being.

Curwen has potentialities of going down in history as a Crimson sports immortal. In his Freshman year he established a precedent for recent times by captaining two major sports, swimming and crew. In this winter's disastrous meet with Yale he scored a second in the 440, the only man with the exception of Captain. Fran Powers and Bill Drucker to place better than third.