Serge Koussevitsky Says Harvard-Radcliffe Chorus Is Finest in World

Master Leads Glee Club in Missa Solemnis Program

In an interview last night, Serge Kousevitsky, conductor of the Boston Symphony, declared, "The Radcliffe Choral Society and the Harvard Glee Club when they are together under Mr. Woodworth are the finest amateur choral group in the world, and they can stand against the professional societies."

After conducting a joint rehearsal of the two groups in preparation for a performance of the Missa Solemnis by Becthoven in conjunction with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Koussevitsky was in a very jovial mood and recalled his 17 years of work with the two groups with the greatest pleasure.

Likes Students

"I have always looked forward to my work with the choral groups and the young people each year with much eagerness," he continued. "At times, this society has done work which surpasses any other performances in the world."

Koussevitsky then mentioned the performance of Brahm's Requiem as one which many people hailed as better than any they had previously heard.

As its annual mass this year, the Glee Club and Choral Society will give the Missa Solemnis in Symphony Hall this Sunday. All proceeds of the production will go to the pension fund for retired musicians.

Besides this year's performance, Koussevitsky conducted the joint choral group in a performance of the Missa in 1939 which has just been recorded. Bach's Mass in B minor and his St. Matthew's Passion have also been given in recent years.