University Appoints Ten Men to Faculty

Teaching and Research Staffs Get New Members For Next September

Ten appointments to the teaching and research staff at Harvard, effective next September 1, were announced by the University yesterday as follows:

James J. Lingane, as instructor in Chemistry, Ph.D. University of Minnesota '38; Lloyd A. Wood, as instructor in Chemistry, Ph.D. Stanford University '39; John P. Wyatt, Lucius N. Littauer Fellow in Pathology, Huntington Hospital, M.D. University of Manitoba '38; John H. Hollomon, as instructor in Metallurgy, S.B. in Physics, M. I. T. '40; Robert P. Burden, as teaching fellow in Santiary Engineering, S.M. Harvard '40; Taylor Lyman, as teaching fellow in Metallurgy, candidate for S.M. Harvard '41; John P. Newton, as teaching fellow in Electrical Engineering, S.M. Rutgers University '40; Jack D. Porter, as teaching fellow in Physics and Communication Engineering, candidate for S.M. Harvard '41; George Troussoff, as assistant in Mechanical Engineering, candidate for M.E., Stevens Institute of Technology '41; Stephen J. O'Neil, as assistant in Electrical Engineering, candidate for S.B. Northeastern University '41.