Brinton, Ford, Rand To Speak At Fordham

Three scholars associated with the University will assist in the Fordham University centennial celebration, to be held in New York, on September 15-17, 1941. They are: E. K. Rand '94, professor of Latin, who will speak on Horace, Jeremiah D. M. Ford '94, Smith Professor of the French and Spanish Languages, who will lecture on mediaeval Portugal, and C. Crane Brinton '19, associate professor of History, who will discuss the effect of the gallery audience on the first three Assemblies during the French Revolutionary period.

Nearly one hundred scholars will participate in the talks and round table discussions, which will be open to all interested in culture and contemporary thought. Other representative addresses include: "Alexander Pope" by Dean Robert K. Root of Princeton; "The Church and Drama" by Karl Young of Yale; "Blueprint for American Literary History" by Robert E. Spiller of Swarthore; "The Crusades" by John L. Monte of Pennsylvania; "Structure in Liquids" by G. E. F. Lundell, Chief, Chemistry Division National Bureau of Standards; "Labor Law" by the Hon. Robert B. Watts, General Counsel National labor Relations Board; "One Hundred Years of Catalysis" by Hugh S. Taylor of Princeton; and "The Vitamin-B Complex" by Leopold Cerecedo of Fordham. A symposium on earthquakes and the structure of the earth will feature talks by Captain Nicholas Heck, chief of the division of Seismology, United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, and by Victor F. Hess, Nobel Prize winner in Physics in 1936.