Fall Competition to Open Next Week For All Boards

Completing plans for fall broadcasts and announcing the opening next week of a competition for all boards, the Harvard Radio Workshop has started its fifth year of undergraduate extracurricular study of radio drama techniques. The Workshop's first essay into crime plays is "The Corpse in the Classroom," the opening drama in a collection of six blood and thunder tales to be presented over the college network in the near future.

In addition to presenting programs via "800 on your dial," the Workshop plans to continue its occasional appearances on WRUL, the international short wave station, and will exchange recorded dramas with other collegiate radio groups belonging to the Intercollegiate Radio Network. Originally organized by Archibald MacLeish, now Congressional Librarian, the Workshop sponsors an annual series of lectures by prominent radio personalities. Last year Norman Corwin, ace script writer for the major networks and Philip Cohen '32, head of the Federal Documentary Radio Program, spoke under its auspices.