Radcliffe's Opinions Start Network Season

Girls Compliment Guests At Freshman Tea Dance

Girls from Radcliffe, comments on world events from a member of the Faculty and from a Junior, music from classical composers, a committeeman from Phillips Brooks House, and blues from Basin Street all fitted smoothly into the Crimson Network's first program of the College year.

Pretty brainy, Radcliffe, Freshmen were asked their frank opinions on local topics in a regular Wednesday feature broadcast. Priscilla Nason removed the reputed stuffling from Harvard men's shirtfronts by declaring "they're just as manageable as fellows from any other college." Francine Bogart, who is French, liked Boston for its "European atmosphere."

Find Harvard Men "Funny"

Judging from the "got-acquainted" dances, Anne Hersey found the boys from across the Square "funny,--funny-ha-ha," and thinks Harvard a good influence. According to the prevailing opinions in the Yard, however, the practiced lines of upperclassmen must have impressed her, since '45 complains that they were left out in the rush.

Later in the program, Bob Drake of P. B. H. appealed to the upper classes to give the Freshmen more of a chance in the dances to come.

Fritz Epstein, a recent assistant in the Bureau of International Research here, initiated a series of weekly commentaries by the Faculty by reviewing the possible future of the Nazi-Russian war. News and views on United States policy, internal and external, were given by Adam Yarmolinsky '48.