Enlistment in E.R.C. Suspended by Perkins

Latecomers May Apply, But Earlybirds Get Preference

The threatened close-down of ERC application came yesterday as Elliot Perkins, Director of War Service Information, began his selection from the number of men who have signed up. But Perkins emphasized that men who want to enlist may still apply, even though the official deadline is past, since the selective process may leave quotas unfilled.

Picking men on such bases, as scholas the rank and Grant Study results, enlisting authorities will keep going until the lists are full. But in the event that there are not enough applicants with War Department qualifications, men who apply late, even after this date, may have a chance.

Perkins commented yesterday that with the passage of the 18-year draft bill, V-7, V-5, V-1, and the Marine Reserve may require releases from a man's local draft board before he can be enrolled.