Labor M. P. Demands Indian Liberation Now

Hon. Margaret Bondfield Interviewed Over Network

The Rt. Hon. Margaret C. Bondfield, M. P. for the Labor Party, took a firm stand on the controversial Indian question last night when she asserted that the Indians must be given full governmental responsibility now, with final plans to follow with peace. Dr. Paul M. Sweezy '31, instructor in Economics, was her interviews in a Crimson Network broadcast.

Describing this war as a p o t e n t means for the liquidation of imperialism, she said that England must negotiate with India as she did with Australia in 1900 on the matter of liberalization of control or eventual freedom.

The British labor leader turned to a discussion of the British Labor party and the part it is playing in the war, and then strongly urged Americans to adopt the English system of employment exchanges and to cooperate with the trade unions in an effort to mobilize U. S. manpower resources.