Pearson and Keller Tally In 2-1 Upset Over A Team

Rising to top a Varsity squad that had romped over Tufts 5-0 just three days before, the '46 Soccer team surprised Coach Macdonald and all observers with a 2-1 win over the letterman yesterday afternoon.

Using an airtight defense to halt Varsity rushes, the Yardlings themselves took only four shots at the goal, but made two of the four tries. Paul Pearson and Bob Keller tallied on long shots in the first half to compile the Freshman lead.

Paul Morgan countered with one lone Varsity score, but in general the veterans seemed to be handcuffed close to the goal. The surprising showing of the '46 aggregation against a Varsity that has shown considerable power, is an omen that seems to prophesy a successful campaign for the Yardling eleven. The Freshman aggregation opens its regular season against a group of British sailors Saturday at the Business School.