Radcliffe Freshmen to Play in "Night club" at Agassiz

Unable to hold their dramatic yearnings in check, the Freshman class at Radcliffe will blossom out with a oneact play at 4 o'clock this afternoon in the auditorium at Agassiz Hall. The piece is called "Night Club," adapted from a short story by Katharine Brush, and will feature a couple of dozen '46 butterflies in long, low evening gowns.

Run completely by Freshmen, the play is directed by Pat Conway and produced by Mary Savage. As you might have guessed the scene is laid in a big city nightspot, in the ladies dressing room, thus no men.

Wha plot there is consists of the conversations of the ladies as they make hasty visits to the dressing table. With powder flying on all sides they tell their tales of wee as the two maids who take care of the place listen breathlessly.