WSC Begins Fall Drive To Collect Scrap Here

Under the sponsorship of the War Service Committee the fall scrap drive has already begun, it was announced recently. A special division for war salvage, headed by Bradford Cobb '44, was set up to organize the campaign.

In this summer's drive two wagon loads of scrap were taken in by the salvagers. Much of this was of little use, however, including such items as a pair of shoulder guards from Eliot House and a collection of beer bottle tops. "The bottles themselves would have been a lot more useful," said Cobb, "even if they were empty."

Collectors Picked

A list of collectors for each House and for the Yard has been made up. They are James Wattenmaker '46 in Adams I-33, Richard A. Beyer '44 in Dunster G-13, Thomas M. Stanton '44 in Eliot K-53, Henry C. Gregg, Jr. '44 in Kirkland J-21, Robert A. Koch '44 in Leverett B-34, Richard S. Corley '43 in Lowell D-52, Herbert Nichols '46 in Weld Hall 50, Peter Kranz '45, Cobb's assistant in the drive, in Winthrop G-33, and Hugh Hyde '44, 59 Plympton Street, in charge of the clubs.

At present the salvage men have hungry eyes turned on the two large bronze rhinoceros in front of the Biology labs, Mom Hall's fancy trappings, and the shiny copper doors to the swimming pool. They will be satisfied, nevertheless, with the fences around the clubs, any old pianos in the College and sundry asseried junk.