Houses Total $350 in Week, $1000 Bond Sold in Dunster

War Bond and Stamp sales in the Houses decreased about $40 over last week, Drive director John W. Ellison '44 disclosed last night. Ellison hastened to add, however, that the $40 drop was due only to the fact that Dunster House did not sell stamps during last week, through an administrative misunderstanding.

High House in the last day stretch was Adams, which placed second in the previous week. Total sales in the leading House amounted to $90.95, far outstripping Winthrop, which dropped from its lead position of a week ago. Fourteen dollars provided the margin between the two, Show money went to Kirkland amassing $55.20 in the same period, while Leverett and Lowell followed in that order, both in the fifty-dollar group. Eliot House dug deeper into its pockets this time and came up with $7 more than last week, or $31.35.

Dunster, although selling no stamps last week, came up with a single sale of a War Bond which topped the entire College. The bond went to Frederick G. White '19, Faculty instructor in English, who bought the bond in the name of his brother, Robert S.