University Chapter Opens Climactic Canvassing Today

A climactic 10-day drive by the Harvard Chapter of the Greater Boston United War Fund opens today, Chairman Elliott Perkins '23, Master of Lowell House, announced last night.

Delayed until after the examination period, a complete canvass of all students, employees, and Faculty members of the University will be completed before the official closing of the drive on February 11.

With only half of the Faculty having sent in their pledge cards, $18,000 has already been received. In addition, the employees have donated an uncalculated amount and Treasurer John P. Bunker '42 reports that the Student Council will contribute $1,000 from its charity fund.

Bunker also reported the gift of $200 to the Red Cross by the Harvard Woman's Club through the Student Council. Although this donation will have no connection with the United War Fund, the Red Cross is one of the three agencies benefitting from the general drive.