Service Committee To Increase War Spirit

Plans for conscripting local talent to publicize the nation's war effort were developed at a meeting of the Defense Service Committee Wednesday evening.

With the cooperation of the Fine Arts Department, the committee intends to start a poster contest, which, if successful in the College, may be extended to Cambridge High Schools. Victory, democracy, and defense bonds are among the subjects recommended to all would-be artists.

Plays Scheduled

Plays and radio productions are also scheduled by the committee, which plans to enlist the aid of the Dramatic Club, the Crimson Network, and the Radio Workshop, for this part of their publicity program.

To disperse information on what youth can do in the war program, a conference of New England colleges is planned for March 15. The committee will also conduct an investigation of what students in the Houses can do toward conservation of materials needed for the war effort.

A drive to get more students to buy defense bonds will soon be undertaken.